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Tactical Dog Collar

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Were you looking for the perfect collar for your beloved dog and couldn’t find one? Is your dog heavy and can be stubborn sometimes too? Well you need a Tactical Collar and you just arrived at the right page to get one from. We offer this Tactical Dog Collar of excellent quality. A wrong collar can make your dog irritated and that is where stubbornness comes from. A right collar is what fits perfectly and rightly to your dog’s neck. And it feels as if it is not even there.

Our Tactical Dog Collar is made of the finest quality of breathable material. It comes with a strong buckle, shape of a bull. Press both sides of the buckle to open it. It has Velcro on it where you can put magic stickers you like for your dog. It consists of double fixation that is velcro and buckle. There is another handle for use which can be fixed into the collar if not in use. We offer different amazing colors in the product. We have green. We have a fast selling brown and camouflage, and we have a limited edition of black too.

We have three sizes available which are XL , L and M. You can see the width chart above. While putting the collar on, you should leave a two fingers gap between collar and the pet’s body to keep them relax. Having this collar on your pet will make your walks more comfortable without turning your dog into an irritating pet. You will not have to take it off/on again and again as it is a comfortable product and your dog will like to keep it on.

These are easy to use and washable. It will not be affected by washing. Clip on it will get attached to the leash easily and if you don’t want or have a leash there is a self handle too. We are here to provide you with the high quality accessories for your beloved dog. Grab these while you still can and let your dog look more gorgeous wearing these.


It takes one to know one. We are dedicated pet lovers ourselves and constantlypractice what we preach. The immeasurable love we have for our pets translatesinto our toys. You can rest easy knowing that whatever toy or item you buy hasbeen truly tested and trusted by other pets to great results.


Our work speaks for itself. We have gotten a ton of positive feedbacks fromsatisfied customers who have tried out our products. Your satisfaction isincredibly important to us and we constantly work on improving our services. Weare confident in our products that if your pets could talk they would surelygive us positive reviews.


We ship to several major cities around the world at no extra charge whatsoever. Wealso provide real time tracking tools for your shipped goods. This ensures thatyou can follow your purchased goods from their start and to their finaldestination. The quick and safe delivery of your items is of our utmostconcern.