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Man’s best friend has come a long way from simply been a hunting companion. Our history as humans has been entwined with animals for centuries. Dogs and cats have provided us with comfort for ages without demanding a penny for their work. This is one of the fundamental truths that pushed us into creating a nirvana of toys and cool gadgets to cater to the needs of pets worldwide.

We share a mighty heart for our furry companions by providing them with the best care and packages that money can buy. We consider pets to be first class citizens deserving of absolute love and compassion.

Toys4Animals aims to be your one stop shop for all pet toys and stuffs. We have a plethora of incredible dogs from Chihuahuas to German Shepards to golden retrievers which our staff own. Our lengthy experience with working with animals has greatly influenced our mission to provide the best experience for your pets.

Each one of our employees has a pet and takes very good care of their needs. This affection carries over to the myriad of animal products that we sell. We learn new things constantly from interacting with our own pets and this enables us to learn new ways to provide entertainment for our four legged companions. We constantly evolve the way we cater to animal needs in general and create new toys and kits to perpetually keep your pets entertained. Therefore, we sell products that even our own pets use. Every item is tailored to ensure that your pet gets the most fun without getting bored.

We provide a worldwide shipping service that is adequately tracked. Furthermore, it is free for all our beloved customers. We believe that you can’t really put a price on unconditional love for your pets and their welfare. Give us a try today and transform the life of your furry little sweeties into a rollercoaster of bliss and adventure.


It takes one to know one. We are dedicated pet lovers ourselves and constantlypractice what we preach. The immeasurable love we have for our pets translatesinto our toys. You can rest easy knowing that whatever toy or item you buy hasbeen truly tested and trusted by other pets to great results.


Our work speaks for itself. We have gotten a ton of positive feedbacks fromsatisfied customers who have tried out our products. Your satisfaction isincredibly important to us and we constantly work on improving our services. Weare confident in our products that if your pets could talk they would surelygive us positive reviews.


We ship to several major cities around the world at no extra charge whatsoever. Wealso provide real time tracking tools for your shipped goods. This ensures thatyou can follow your purchased goods from their start and to their finaldestination. The quick and safe delivery of your items is of our utmostconcern.